The Monday Room

Phone: 03 377 5262


Social Dining at its Finest.

Hello and welcome to The Monday Room

The Restaurant is open for Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Weekend Brunch as follows:

Monday - Friday

Lunch: 10:30am - 3pm

Dinner: 5:30pm - Late

Saturday - Sunday

Brunch: 9am-3pm

Dinner: 5:30pm - Late

We take bookings for tables of up to 14 for Lunch, Brunch and Dinner.

To book please phone us on (03) 377-5262 or email:

We pride ourselves on having a vast and varied offering, showcasing the best in food and beverage in New Zealand. Our restaurant offers an environment of comfort and quality, with plush banquet seating, and professional yet casual service. 

We have a real passion for food, and our team of chefs; with local heroine Hannah Cooper-Grieve at the helm, are some of the highest trained in the country.

Owner Joel Christian has hand-picked a concise yet substantive wine list showcasing some of the best local, and New Zealand wines.

Additionally we offer an extensive cocktail list for those of our guests who care to enjoy a cocktail either before, during, or following a meal with us. 

We function primarily as a Restaurant, and our priority is always tables and bookings for guests with the intent of dining. It is highly unlikely that we will have tables or bookings available for cocktails or drinks only; but rather we offer an extensive beverage program for the enjoyment of our guests who are dining.

We offer four different food menus, all of which have their specific times of service, along with specific points of interest. These are detailed as follows:


Our Weekday lunch menu is perfect for a longer lunch, with friends, over a glass of wine or two, or a cocktail.

We offer a range of Low-Alcohol Beer, Wine, and Cocktails; to ensure a responsible Lunch experience.

The menu is comprised of: Entrees, Mains, and Desserts, and is in the traditional format of individual plates, with sides to share.


Our evening menu is all about Social Dining. 

The menu is comprised of three plate sizes, and is designed to share from the middle of the table in a fashion akin to traditional New Zealand family dinner.

For your first course we offer the Small plates, either to share or enjoy individually.

For your second course we advise guest to select from both the Medium and Large plates, with the Large plates as your hero protein dish(es) and the Medium plates as the vegetable driven accompaniment(s). 

We wil serve the second course through the middle of the table, complete with serving cutlery, for you to then serve on to your own dinner plate.


The Monday Room is a specialist Dessert restaurant, and as such, we offer a large and varied selection of house made desserts. This menu is available every day, from open until close.

Weekend Brunch:

On the weekends we take a break from the fancy restaurant, and during the day we have a little bit of fun with our menu. These days book out fast, so it's always best to make a booking.